Oct 11, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday!

How are you five???  Lucy Joy, you are a young lady!  You are a sweet child.  You are a curious nature- wanderer,  You are a nurturer, a care-er.  You are my best, most ready and chipper helper.  You are a delight to me every day.  You are funny.  Your comedic timing has caused me to laugh so many times (even do a spit-take).  You are bright.  You put things together that surprise me and make me think that you must be older than you are.   You love to do crafts and projects.  You are creative.  You find a piece of string here and a paper towel roll there and you are inspired--you have a clear idea of what you will create.  You love to sing.  You sing with all your heart while you swing or drive or "nap".  You have an imaginary entourage of bothers, sisters, boyfriends/husbands, and children who always keep us guessing.  You love books and babies.  You have put quite a few happy miles on your pink convertible.  You love books and you have recently become very interested in coloring.  You have learned more about God that I thought you could possibly understand.  And you have shown me more about God and how he loves us than I have learned in any other adventure in my life.  You are absolutely precious.  You are dearly loved.  You are my best gift from God.  I pray that this year will be full of joy and friends and mostly that you will grow in love for the Lord and grow in confidence and grace through Him.  I love you!

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