Aug 20, 2015

a squiggly broken heart

A little drama in our house tonight.  Can you tell?
Lots of feelings.  Big feelings.  Being expressed through drawing.  And, well, expressions.

A closer look.  After a little talk setting some limits which Lucy wasn't too happy about, she careened through the house with her easel, and the word "no".   "You haven't seen me write this word before, but I wrote it.  Do you know what it says?"  I replied, "It says 'no'."  Woosh--back into the sunroom she went.  She came back in for a repeat performance three times, adding "no"s each time.  I wasn't buying into the drama, so I'd say cheerily each time, "Oh, you wrote "no" again, great writing!"  The last time, she pushed the easel in it had the people drawn on it.  "This is me, " she said despondently, pointing to the (smiling!) one on the far right.  "And see this squiggle heart?  It's because it's broken.  My heart is broken.  You. broke. my. heart."

I'm trying so hard not to laugh as I write this, because she was so serious and so over-reacting.  She had recovered fully in about 6 minutes, but all the drama with the back and forth and the tone and the expression... oh my.  This is four?  Oh my, Lucy girl!


The next day... all better!  She drug the easel in, and her people had whole hearts and my girl had a big smile.

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