Feb 20, 2015

on dads and date prep

So.  As far as dating, I don't.  It just doesn't happen, and that's okay.

Lucy, however, has decided that she wants a Dad around.  She has very specific ideas:  "I think his name might be... Cutie-Pie.  Yes, Cutie-Pie Northcutt!  That sounds so GOOD!  And he works at the Seminary." This is good, as I now have specifics to keep my eye out for.  As soon as I meet a guy named Cutie-Pie, DIBS!  He's all mine.

Also, the other day I looked down at myself and realized that perhaps, my daughter was subconsciously trying to make it happen.  I had a sticker that looks like a banner placed on my hip that said "Party!" and another that was a conversation heart sticker that said "Text Me".  I don't know what kind of guy she thinks Cutie-Pie is, though, because apparently we're advertising that I have a party in my pants, and the location of the heart sticker was, ahem, strategic.  I don't think they'll go for that at the Seminary.

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