Jul 12, 2014

fun this summer

Lucy Joy,

You are a delight to you Mama!  I love my little Joy-Belle SO much.  Summer-time is especially fun because we get to spend all day together.

You keep saying Floor-to-Ceiling like it's a place ("When are we going to Florida-Ceiling?")  I have no idea  where you heard that.  Your geography also includes "Norgen Entucky" (Northern KY) and North Korea (I've been praying for them and you have too, but you keep asking when we'll go there and I really, really don't want to go there.)

You sing songs from your heart.  They are precious.

You  have a lot of ideas.  For example, on the way home, you started with, "One day at a store I saw pretty girls putting makeup on their LIPS!"  Our conversation wound around to this, "Well, I was thinking that after I get my hair done maybe we could go there and I can try that?"

This.  Just always.

Your prayers make your Mama's heart happy.  And your Maker's heart, I feel sure.

We talked about the Africa exhibit we were going to see at the zoo and you asked if we could bring a baby back from there.  (I wish!)

You are so enthusiastic about everything.  It makes little things like making our beds (whoo-hoo) and going to Kroger (yay!) a lot more fun when you give it a little fanfare.

We did a little re-decorating now that you're sleeping In your big girl bed.  We love it!

You noticed that I had pepper in my teeth as I tucked you in the other night.  I rebuffed multiple efforts on your part to get your tiny little fingernails intp my mouth and help me out.  At one point not long after that, we were smiling at each other and you gently took your thumb and finger and closed my lips over my teeth.  I guess if I wouldn't let you help with the pepper situation, you didn't want to look at it!

You're devoted to your idea to marry Silas.  You wondered out lout the other day, "I wonder if Silas will want us to live in Indiana?"   Yikes!  Nope!  You're staying put with your Mama!

You're doing a lot of thinking ahead and planning for your "four-year-old birthday.

You spend lots of time in tutus.  And princess dresses. 

Your best come-back is calling me a "stinkah-baGOOgah" (and CRACKING up at your silly self)!

You call ahead to Ms. Connie's if you're going to be there to pre-order your favorite, usually asking for a specific breakfast and lunch.  You eat like I've not fed you.  And you still say that your favorite food that I make is... Chipotle.  (Sigh.)

On a completely unrelated note, we've been having green smoothies for breakfast (fruit, almonds and lots of spinach!).  We're talking about and working toward eating healthy.  You always take a big slurp and then say, "You're welcome, body!"

You have your first journal, all of your own for you to write in.  You love it.  You spend lots of time making special drawings and letters and it just makes me happy to see you curled up with it.  I totally agree--a brand new journal is just endless possibilities!

A few more things:  You love high-fives.  Every bug you see is a spider.  You plop into my bed atrociously early and you want to talk about what we're going to do today.  (But first we both have to face each other propped up on our elbows). You have lovely manners.  You love to do ballet spins.  You rush out of bed at night with that little sleep-cap on with your made-up emergencies and
   and and and
           I just can't believe
                how blessed I am
                       to be your Mama.


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  1. How beautiful!! I can "see" all the things you write about! Thanks for sharing!