Feb 1, 2014

story time surprise

Lucy Joy!  You surprised me today!  We went to story time (we go fairly often).  You love it, and you like to play "story time lady" at home.  You pick out books and lead your audience (me) in silly songs and then read to me.  It's SO sweet.

Today, we went to story time, and you just hopped right up there next to Mrs. Suzanne and helped her lead story time!  I was so surprised, because you're usually a little shy around new people or in new situations.  You leaned in towards me and told me, "I'm helping!"  And you did! 

Here's a pic of you in action, and there is also a little video.  (It's no surprise to you that Mama had some technology problems with her phone, so your video is sideways and has no sound... but you can see you and Mrs. Suzanne really having fun leading "Do your ears hang low".)  I love seeing you having fun. 

I'm proud of you, Lucy Joy, for being such a sweet girl and such a big girl!  I'm always excited to see what thing you'll do next!  You make Mama so happy.

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