Jan 7, 2013

big talk for a little lady

I'm keeping very busy trying to document what Lucy is saying... She's saying a-LOT, people!

I have some LOVELY new pics, but my blog is acting crazy and I can't upload them.  So... you get another post about what Lucy is saying these days.  This girl is putting together some phrases and sentences.

First of all, as a waiter came by our table at a Mexican restaurant, she demanded, "GUACAMOLE!"  Now we do lots of guacamole talk.  And all Spanish she overhears is "guacamole."   Her new fave is Pimmy-Pim (a language-learning DVD her awesome uncle got her for Christmas) and when you ask what he says, you get "Guacamole!"  (She also says "leche" and "agua" now ;)  She also told me that something was, "De-li-cious!"  She surprises me with something she's picked up every day.

All-a-time.  I sing Family Ties in my bed.  ALL-a-time.  Laney-Jo mama says Merry Christmas.  All-a-time.  Mama sing ALL-a-time.  (All the time.)  She just kind of rolls into it... so precious.

Neh-mine.  Mo'?  A bite? No, neh-mine. (Nevermind.)

Ah-na-one.  Mama, I wa' ah-na-one.  (Another one.)

As a language nerd, I was happy to notice that she's started using the gerund verb form (-ing).  But she's been a bit creative.  Along with I singing.  I playing. (usually very enthusiastically) I POOPing!, and I dancing, we have one she uses a lot that cracks me up.   I hear a worried baby frantically calling, Mama, I STUCKing! several times a day.  She is, right now, at this time, in the process of being stuck.  Stucking.  It's SO cute, and I started to use it for fun, and now it seems like a real word.  So you may hear it out of either one of us!

She's also using a Socratic method of investigation.  (Or maybe not at all, I just thought that sounded good).  She questions everything to figure out what's okay and what's not.

For example, if Uncle John says not to touch his wheelchair control, she will:

1. Touch another part of the wheelchair and ask, "I touch this?"
2.  Touch a little closer and ask, "I touch this?
3.  Touch something right next to the control and ask, "I touch this?"
4.  Point to the control and ask, "I touch this?"
5.  Repeat steps 1-4.

What really cracked us up is when she started doing this to figure out who the rules apply to.  She was trying to grab silverware out of the dishwasher (including knives) and I said, "No baby, this is for grown-ups."

She immediately asked:  Mama?  Yes, Mama can touch it.
Laney-Jo?  No, Laney Jo is a baby, so she can't touch it.
John?  Yes, John can touch this.
Laney-Jo-Mama?  Yes, Laney Jo's mama can touch this.
ME?!?  No, you can't touch this.

Then she was fine.  Just needed to clarify those boundaries.

Two is lots of fun :)


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