Jul 20, 2012


Lucy, you have been really enjoying playing ni-night.  We tuck babies in.  I tuck Lucy in.  Lucy tucks me in.  We gently say "ni-night" and give sweet kisses.  You fake snore, and it's so adorable I can hardly stand it!

I just tucked you in for real, and I have to say it's one of my favorite parts of the day!

After bath time, we lotion up with this thick, goopy lotion.  I rub in in and you get a little massage in the process.  I'm a little jealous :)   You jabber and talk to me, and make the next plans.  "Iwa passi."  Check.  "Iwa book."  You know the routine!  We put on your jammies and some delicious smelling hair creme and head over to our comfy chair for a book.  We're reading the Jesus Storybook Bible (for about the 4th time through) and we really love it.  "Who is this book about?" I ask you. "Shai-shu." You answer.  Jesus.  Tonight we read about David, who God used as part of his Secret Rescue Plan for us.

You seemed extra snuggly tonight, so we sang a song.  You still snuggled in with your sweet head on my chest, so I told you another wonderful story, the story of how God made our family.  I LOVE this story, and have told it to many people, but I realized that I hadn't told it to you, the star!  I told you about how God put us together and worked it all out and how perfect you were for me and how very very very thankful I was for you.  And I cried sweet happy tears because it's such a beautiful story, and you looked at me, puzzled, and patted my tears with your sweet little hands.

I love bedtime.

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