May 11, 2012

things I want to remember

There are so many things that happen every day that I just want to capture in a bubble in my mind so I can remember them.  I wish I had a superspy camera...  If I did, here are a few things I'd like to have caught TODAY:

  • When I walk carrying Lucy, usually my left arm and her right arm are free... I swing my left arm while I walk, and she has started swinging her right one in solidarity.  I just giggle every time.
  • In the cart at Target, she said, "I dopt phone!"  (I dropped the phone).  I looked, and she had dropped her play phone into the cart.  Putting together sentences--what a BIG GIRL!
  • She LOVES babies... singing, rocking and feeding her babies is a big job every day.  Today I put a safety latch into the cart that had a tiny picture of a baby's face.  Lucy gently picked up this safety latch and rocked it while she sang iy a little lullaby.  Melt my heart--she's so sweet!
  • Lucy lost a shoe in Target's parking lot.  I strapped her in and went back a few feet for it.  As I walked back to her open car door, the other shoe came flying out!  It was really funny to see this little white shoe rocket out the door!
  • When she walks backwards, she really thinks she's pretty cool.  It's a slow little backwards shuffle, but with a lot of barely-pent-up excitement and pride.  Wide eyes looking all around to make sure someone is catching it.  Today she backed up trying to sit on a big ball.  It kept moving, so she kept backing.  By the end, we were both laughing so hard.  I started laughing at her, and then she thought that was SO funny :)
Life (which was already pretty great) is made so much sweeter by these little shared moments.  (And a lot more funny!)

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  1. I love hearing Lucy stories!!! Reagan walks backwards and thinks she pretty big stuff when she does it.... I love those days.