Sep 5, 2011

on the move

Hola amigos!

I've been rather lapse in my photography, despite having such a wonderful subject.

She looked ADORABLE today, so I thought it was time to have a little photo shoot during play time.  Then I realized why I've not taken many pictures lately... she's hard to catch!  She's on the move constantly!  There is a lot of climbing and crawling and twisting.  I'd have a beautiful smile, click the button, and end up with something like this:

So, her face is blurry (she's on the move) but check out those cute shoes!

I caught this one mid-roll--check out the gravity defying (cute) shoes.  :)
We took a time out for some clapping.  We do a LOT of clapping!

My little mover gave me a sweet smile over her shoulder on her quest to reach the window,
beautifully displaying her heart jean pocket.  She's a sweetie!

Climbing on my leg... this little model really can't be bothered to look at the camera for too long :)
SO, here is the recap.  We climb, we clap, we crawl a lot, we roll.  It's good times!


  1. Adorable!!!! We need to schedule a play date soon.

    Thanks for the sweet call the other day, your too sweet, love u girls!!!

  2. Oh, she is so beautiful!!! I love seeing this girl!